Maybe I’m Not So Original

I like to think I’m someone who knows what’s cool and is tuned into the lastest trends, but alas, I’m usually a few years behind. And so here I am, starting my own blog years after everyone else has done it and blogging is on it’s way to becoming passe. So of course now I have to be more creative and more original than all you other bloggers out there who have been doing this for years. Because how else am I going to even be noticed now that the novelty of blogging has worn off? I’m feeling a little bit of pressure here! However, I decided that if I came up with a really memorable title for my blog, maybe I could at least get people to look even if what I write isn’t that interesting.
As I pondered the all important question of what to name my blog, I thought about how I describe a day out and about with my three daughters Emma, Tess, and Jane. The phrase I most often use is, “it’s like herding cats.” And that’s when the lightbulb went on and I shouted, “by jove, I’ve got it!” The title of my blog is the six word novel of my life: I Spend My Days Herding Cats.
But would you believe, the URL herdingcats was already taken? So much for originality. I am really curious about that blog though.

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