Work is Fun, But Fun is Funner

So yesterday was the last day of school, which left me a little teary-eyed.  And not because I have to –I mean, get to–entertain my children an extra thirty hours per week now.  No, my tears were because I loved my girls’ teachers and was sad to tell them good-bye.  Especially my fourth grader’s.  Mrs. J. is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of teacher and I am praying my younger girls get her so I, at least, can experience her thrice in a lifetime.

I got to know Mrs. J. pretty well because I was one of her room moms.  It was kind of a big job because she does a lotta stuff for her students, so yeah, it took two of us.  Luckily we’re both Mormon moms, so, according to what Mrs. J. knows about Mormons, we are crafty (but not in a Beastie Boys She’s Crafty, sort of way–I’m assuming), we bake, and we have very organized closets.  I did not correct her on that last one.  But co-room mom and I did have to step up and show her we could craft and bake.  Sew (get it?) we made her a quilt and it’s awesomeness made her cry.  And, for the last day of school party, I took the industrial size bag of Krusteaz from my food storage and we made pancakes for the kids. 

Mrs. J. was mightily impressed.  I did not mention that the Krusteaz was the extent of my food storage (I’m hoping the apocalypse is not scheduled for tomorrow).  I did tell her that she, too, could totally do the Mormon thing if she wanted.  I have connections so, you know, it wouldn’t be that hard to get her in.  I think she’s thinking about it and now I can say I’ve done my missionary work.  For life.  Glad I can check that one off the list before I’m translated.

After I dried my tears my girls and I headed to the park for the annual Last Day of School Whipped Cream Fight.  And then to the pool, because there was no way in Hel….ck I was letting those sticky monsters into my car or house. 

And you know who else was at the pool?  About four million other people under the age of twelve.  I actually had to watch my children to make sure they didn’t drown under all those other bodies.  This was no easy task, not just because of all the other little people, but also because of the whipped cream cloudiness of the water.

I also grew concerned that the minions would realize they vastly outnumbered their oppressors (collectively known as The Mom) and would rise up against us.  I envisioned life after the overthrow and shuddered at the thought of radio and TV stations playing only songs and shows produced by the Disney machine.  When I Realized life wouldn’t be much different than it is now, I relaxed. Plus the minions were too busy trying to drown each other to recognize the perfect opportunity for mass rebellion.

Now that the last day of school fun is out of the way, mission Work Is Fun can begin. Today is the day we catch up on all the things we’ve put off in the midst of the last-weeks-of-school chaos that usually ensues about January. Things like, cleaning the bathrooms,  throwing away a year’s worth of school papers/lunches which have accumulated in backpacks, putting said backpacks away until September when I am ready to trip over them again, feeding the dog (she’s probably pretty hungry by now), weeding the garden to see if we have edible plants growing there, etc. etc. 

We should be able to finish most of that today.  Except… I just got a text about a pool party/BBQ going on right now at a friend’s house.  And it is Summer Solstice, so technically it’s a holiday.  So maybe we’ll start those jobs tomorrow.

Except… I promised the kids we’d go to the lake tomorrow.  Plus we’ve got swim lessons at 6:00.  So there’s no real point in starting something we won’t have time to finish.  We’ll start Friday.

Except… well, Friday is Friday and you can’t really say TGIF if Friday isn’t fun.

And Saturday’s my birthday.  So, you know, that’s another holiday.

We’ll start Monday.  I mean, a week after Monday since the kids are going to their grandparents’ for a week (have I mentioned I love my in-laws?).  I’m sure the dog is just fake starving anyway.  And I can only smell the bathrooms when I’m near the house.  So I guess that’s one more reason we should maybe not stay home today.

5 thoughts on “Work is Fun, But Fun is Funner

  1. Suzi says:

    Happy soon birthday! Hope your Saturday is marvelous and involves no cleaning.After reading that post, all I can think about is the fact that you made a quilt. wow. Your such an over achiever. Keep the stories comin!


  2. Alyssa says:

    That is my thought process every day, regardless of summer vacation. That's probably why I hate my house and I am never home. Plus, I always look at some chores and think, “I'll wait for the kids to do that,” and then forget what it was.


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