Because Prizes Make A Nice Thank You

So here, as promised, is my post wherein I give things away.

But really it’s only one thing, this: The List by Melanie Jacobson

What is that?, you ask. It looks awfully cute.

Well, it is the very fantastic book I read that got me thinking about the thank you note I blogged about on Friday.

Tell me more, you say.

I will gladly tell you more–but not too much. I don’t want to ruin it for you. Plus, you can read the actual book blurb here. That’s also a good place to order the book, (you know, just in case you don’t win). But, in the interest of full disclosure, there are some things you should know before I rave about this book.

The author, Melanie Jacobson, is a friend of mine. We go to the same church, we’re in the same book club, our husbands can talk for hours about music and Latin American literature, and sometimes we even jet ski together. So I have every reason in the world to say nice things about her writing.

Except for this fact.

Until six months ago I refused to read any fiction written for, by (I’m looking at you Stephanie Meyer), or about (Wallace Stegner being the exception) Mormons. Which would include Melanie, because her genre is what she calls “Mormon chick-lit”.

Chick-lit? Also something I took great pains to avoid. Mostly. (What can I say? I read one of those Shopaholic books).

That is, until I read Melanie’s first book, The List. She is such an engaging writer that I had to put aside all of my prejudices and admit I loved her book. Not only did it make me laugh, but I couldn’t put it down. And I’m a pretty picky reader, so that’s saying something.

Anyway, her new book Not My Type is even better. Which is why I want to give/recommend it to you. And one of the best things about it is, even if you’re not Mormon, if you like clean romance, you’ll enjoy this. Because, sure there’s Mormon-y stuff in it, but not so much that you will feel like you’ve been accosted by two young men in white shirts with name tags brandishing a book they’d like you to read.

It’s the story of twenty-three year old Pepper Spicer (I know– I had to get past the name– but in the end it totally works and I loved it) whose life has fallen apart and she’s forced to move back home. Instead of living in an apartment swapping clothes with some fun girlfriends, she’s sharing a room with her seven year old sister, has a job that sucks, and no dating prospects on the horizon.
Of course those things all change because, after all, this story is a romance. But it’s all the layers that Melanie adds that give this book a lot more depth than the cover would lead you to believe.
Like the layer where her dad “encourages” her to write a thank you note to a different person every week. For a year! But, not only do the thank you notes help put an end to her pity party, they also made me laugh. Because they say things like this:
“Thanks for teaching me all those swear words back in second grade. Even though my mom grounded me for two weeks wehn she found the list under my pillow, they came in handy this past week. Wtihout your crash course in profanity, I never would have understood half the insults that were hurled at me the other day.”

Funny, huh? There’s more where that came from and here’s how you can get it for free if you do one of the following by Friday:

1. Become a follower of my blog either by subscribing by email or clicking the “join this site button” then comment below to let me know you want to be entered in my contest.
2. Already a follower? Share this post on Facebook or Twitter (just click on the things on my side bar there), then comment below and tell me you did.
3. Want more than one chance to win? Grab Melanie’s button from my side bar and put it in your own and I’ll enter your name five more times!

Easy, right? It’s just my way of saying thank you!

P.S. Just because I like you so much and I’ve got connections, your copy will be signed by the author herself!

27 thoughts on “Because Prizes Make A Nice Thank You

  1. Becca says:

    Hooray for Melanie. Love, love, love. (I'm not in the contest, because I may or may not already have 2 copies. I'm just that ahead of the game.)But you already know how I love your blog and your crazy attachments to certain hair-band singers…


  2. Melinda says:

    I'm following you and want to WIN SO BAD!!! I also have her book in my sidebar, so yeah. I loved The List but I am so poor I would love to win it so I don't have to get in trouble with my husband for buying it…although if it comes to that I'll do it…


  3. Jill Campbell says:

    I liked that post and I'm thinking maybe I would like this book because like you, I've never jumped on the band wagon of Mormon or chick-lit. But I like your blog and think most of the things you say so pleeese sign me up for a chance to WIN!


  4. Jenny P. says:

    So, I don't want to be in the contest because I already own the book, but I just wanted to tell you I followed because I read your blog and I think it's awesome.And. I'm with you on the Mormon written fiction thing… what changed my perspective of the genre was um, actually writing one. Covenant picked up my book, and I sorta kinda decided I should probably read a few of the books they'd published already. The hard part for me is that I'm way out on the east coast so if I want to read LDS fiction, I have to buy it. With a Mormon congregation of about 75 in my town, we don't exactly warrant our own section at the local library, know what I mean? So even now, I've only read a few Mormon-ish titles. BUT… I do own both of Melanie's books because she's awesome and deserves the support.


  5. Wonder Woman says:

    I'd love to win a copy of Melanie's book! I own The List (I only say that because I don't own many books) and love it. My 83-year-old grandma loved it, too. I have no doubt that Not my Type will be the same.I'm a new follower!


  6. TheOneTrueSue says:

    I don't need the book, because I've already got a copy, but I'm showing support for Melanie by following. If you don't have the book (or win the book) you NEED TO BUY IT. It's Melanie's best book by far. Buy it, read it, love it. DONE.


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