And The Winner Is…

I’ll give you a hint:

Also known as:
The New Adventures of Wonder Woman Poster

That’s right readers, Wonder Woman is now the proud owner of an autographed copy of Melanie Jacobson’s book, Not My Type.

I realize it isn’t quite fair she now has an awesome book to add to her already awesome arsenal of accessories, but it is what it is. Her name was the one drawn–much to my comic-book loving husband’s excitement–and if I were to lie about that, she could use her Lasso of Truth to get me to confess.

So, rather than take any chances, I will send you your prize,Wonder Woman. Just let me know if you would you like it sent to your Paradise Island address? Or one the post office can actually find?

But wait! Because I am so excited and grateful for all my new readers,–and because I’m having so much fun with this whole Wonder Woman angle–I think it only fair to give you all one more chance to win. So, whoever responds with the correct answer to the following question first, will also win a copy of Melanie’s book:

 What is the metal from which Wonder Woman’s bullet-deflecting bracelets are made ?

(Obviously, Wonder Woman, you are disqualified from answering since 1) you already won, and 2) you know the answer without having to google it).

Ready? Go…

7 thoughts on “And The Winner Is…

  1. Brittany says:

    Good job Charlotte! Amazonium is correct.S.P. I would have also accepted Feminum had you posted before Charlotte. Unfortunately for you, she reads her blogs REALLY early in the morning. But where you are lacking in early morning riser skills, you clearly know your Wonder Woman.


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