Am I The Only One Who Is Freaked Out By This?

I don’t often pay attention to those ads that pop up in the sidebars of my Facebook and Hotmail pages, but occasionally they can’t be ignored.

Like the one that advertised a program wherein I could become a social worker–or maybe it was a nurse– in only a few months. Now, aside from the fact that I can’t think of any personal information about me on the web that would lead an advertiser to believe I have any interest in working socially. And nursing? Puh-leez. I think I’ve made my feelings about band-aids pretty clear a number of times on the www, so why any advertiser would think me a suitable candidate for a job that requires bandaging people is mind-boggling.
But even more mind-boggling is the picture included with the ad:
Because not only does that person have some weird fingers, but she also HAS A BABY IN HER POCKET!
And who goes to school to learn how to put a freakishly small baby in her pocket? I’m no nurse or social worker, but I’m pretty sure that’s something one would be told not to do if she did want to go into one of those professions. I mean, are there really courses that teach people how to carry babies in their pockets?
The only place I can think of where this would be a possibility is Australia. Perhaps they have some kind of Marsupial Model Of Nursing /Social Work program wherein the students are given some kangaroo training. I’ve heard those Aussies are having some problems with an over abundance of roos. Maybe this is their solution. Train the kangaroos to train people–who are supposed to be professionals– how to pack a baby around.
But have they not heard of Baby Bjorns? Cuz those people have figured it out without any help from giant rodents.
And what kind of person sees this ad and thinks to herself, Hey, I’ve always wanted to be a carrier of babies in my pockets. How do I get in on this? and then clicks that button?
Not this gal.

12 thoughts on “Am I The Only One Who Is Freaked Out By This?

  1. Bonnie B. says:

    I do not remember learning this in college. I think my professors assumed we would never be in a situation where we would have the need to carry tiny, naked babies around in our scrub pockets. Weird.


  2. Melanie Jacobson says:

    Analyses of sidebar ads just like this one are exactly why blogs were invented. How and when else would we have to opportunity to discuss such UTTER FREAKISHNESS? Because every time I see that pocket baby, I wish I could X the picture closed.Also bizarre is the refi ad they keep running with this super old man grimacing.???


  3. Jenny P. says:

    I see weird, weird pictures for refinancing and bank loans with totally random faces all the time. But I've never seen the freakishly small pocket baby. It's all kinds of disturbing though… I'm glad I haven't seen it yet.


  4. Melinda says:

    Those ads on Facebook really are so dang weird. I don't get social worker/nursing advertisements, but sometimes their knowledge of what I would like to do and what I'm interested in freaks the crap out of me! Since I like to draw I get a bunch of freaky art drawings, and apparently I talk about losing weight a lot because I get a lot of those…


  5. Maggie says:

    Hilarious. I keep seeing one with tiny plastic looking babies on the palm of someone's hands. I guess incredibly small babies must be the interest of the month for FB.


  6. Steven Read's dad says:

    Geek moment: use AdBlock Plus with your browser (it works for all browsers except Internet Exploder) and presto! No more annoying FB/Hotmail/sidebar/whatever ads.I have no personal/business interest in AdBlock Plus, just a very satisfied user.Great blog, by the way. 🙂


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