Guess What I Did…

It took nine months and 102,239 words.
And there is still much cutting and editting to be done.
Not to mention the revising and querying.
it’s official.
I wrote a book.

19 thoughts on “Guess What I Did…

  1. J.R., Amber, and Co. says:

    When you started out with, “It took me nine months,” I got a little worried! Glad it's a book and not a baby! SHEESH! Don't get me wrong, you make very beautiful babies, but if I had found out through your blog that you had a baby, I would have been just a little upset. Congrats on your book, Big Sis! You're my hero!!!


  2. Beeswax says:

    A book! I do hate you a little bit for your book and your running and your overcoming your fear of fishes, but I still want to read it as soon as possible. Did I mention I critiqued my high school friend's book? I told her the main character should use fewer f words. I'd b glad to tell you the same.


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