A Post About BYU Football. Surprised? Me Too.

I’m totally stealing this blogpost idea from DeNae–who I find to be quite hilarious– at My Real Life Was Backordered.  Her most recent post did not rise to her usual level of hilarity because she had to tackle some serious stuff…


BYU football to be more specific.

Which, I have to tell you, I am NOT a fan of. If you cut me, I will not bleed blue. And I will not cover that cut with a Cougar band-aid (truthfully, I will not cover it with any kind of band-aid, because ewww, gross… So please don’t cut me).

Apparently, back in 1980, the Cougs went to the Holiday Bowl. Which, I have to assume by the name, occurred on some kind of holiday. Anyway, some miracle happened there where the Cougars came back from a twenty point deficit to win with only four minutes left in the game.

Now, despite the fact I spent five (yes five) years at the BYU, I don’t know anything about this Miracle Bowl. I mean, sure it happened eleven years before my time there, but the thing about people who do bleed blue is that they never forget their football victories. Especially when they beat another private religious university. It’s like a double victory. Mormons get a trophy and proof that our church really is true. Kind of like when Tebow makes a touchdown Christians everywhere win the war on Christmas. I’m not really sure how that works.

Anyway, I need your help. See, I don’t care for BYU football for reasons I’ll not get into right now (the list is too long), but I do like football. And I can’t help feeling a measure of pride when my alma mater wins at something. I’ve tried not to, but I can’t squelch that little burning in my heart that comes from knowing my school is better at something than someone else’s school is. I’m competitive that way.

But I digress because putting out that burning is not what I need help with. I need help because I want to know more about this game now, but I don’t really want to google it.

And I don’t want to know more just about the game.

Nope… what I really want to know is the inspiring story behind it. Because I hear there is one. And a friend of mine has a husband who wants to make a movie about it. Yeah! But he doesn’t have enough money to do it. Boo!

So here’s how you can help me be able to see this movie (you can even watch it to, if you want):
Go to here and donate a little bit of money. It won’t take much if we all do it. Maybe you could put that money you were going to bet on the Superbowl toward this instead. Or maybe you could buy one less bag of chips and skip the jar of cheese dip. I don’t know.

But I’m willing to bet that this movie will be a lot more memorable in the long run than this year’s Superbowl is going to be.

(So I just looked at this site again and realized there’s a short video with it. Not going to tell you how many times I’ve looked at it and wished there were a video when there was all along. I don’t need to embarrass myself. But now I do want to see the real movie even more. Also noticed there’s a guy in the picture with a mustache. So next I’d like to see a movie about the miracle behind how he got to keep that at BYU).

3 thoughts on “A Post About BYU Football. Surprised? Me Too.

  1. Jill Campbell says:

    Oh I so remember that game. I was 14 and watching it underneath a quilt that my mom was tying in the basement. I kept jumping up and knocking over the quilt so I got banished to the little t.v. in my parent's room. When BYU won, I jumped up (from the bed) and hit my head on the ceiling not quite hard enough to bleed blue. The last 4 minutes of this game is recorded play by play in my journal. And yes my testimony grew 2 sizes that day. I'm not so much a fan any more. But when you're 14 homely, and live out in the sticks, that's real entertainment I tell you. And yes I was at BYU the year they won the national championship and Charlene Wells won the Miss America pageant.


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