This Is SOOOO Much Better Than A Leprechaun Trap

You know what’s better than leprechaun traps?

Well, pretty much anything, but particularly books. Especially when they come with parties.

Like the one I had last weekend for my friend, LDS author Melanie Jacobson. That’s right, I know her. Jealous? Well just wait until you see the pics from the book launch party I threw her:

Look at all these yummy eats!

Melanie’s not actually a giant. I am just short. And she’s wearing heels, so you know, no fair, right?
Also, I’m not pregnant, this is just a terrible picture of me. And maybe I ate too many of those yummy treats.
See all these cute birdie sugar cookies? I made them. Look at the next picture to see why.
See the birdies on the top right side of the book? That’s right. I made them to match. I am totally pinning this.
 You know, for all those other people on Pinterest who may need ideas for throwing a book launch party for Melanie.

See all those books? You couldn’t by the end of the night.

I’m in pretty tight with the author, so I’ve already read Twitterpated and, just like her other books, it did not disappoint. If you want to get a little taste of it, you can go here. My favorite part though, next to the whole career-minded-girl-too-busy-for-a-social-life-falls-in-love plot line, is the acknowledgments page. Because I’m in there. Even though I didn’t even know her when she wrote this book, so she couldn’t have known I’d be throwing her a party. She’s just nice like that.

Since I couldn’t invite all of you to the party, I’m giving you a chance to win one of Melanie’s books as part of this blog hop thing-a-ma-jigger I’m doing.

This thing: View luckylep3.jpg in slide show(and if you go here you’ll find lots of other blogs giving away lots of other fun prizes!)

The rules for entry are pretty simple. The first one is to leave a comment for one chance to win.

The second is a little trickier (but, really, not much). Since this is a leprechaun giveaway (though you don’t actually get a leprechaun) I’m throwing in a little leprechaun challenge.

Remember the leprechaun trap my Girl 3 had to build? Well, after a frantic text to my friend Carrie asking her if she had any fake gold (because I knew she would. If only she had answered my text sooner) and then a last minute trip to Target–which has an astonishing lack of St. Patrick’s Day celebratory crap–and then to Party City, we were able to round up some supplies for the trap.

That’s after I had to dig through old scrap booking supplies to find green paper and then brave the smells and killer dust bunnies under Girl 1’s bed to retrieve a shoe box which I must have been inspired by St. Patrick himself to find. Girl 3 didn’t have to do too much searching to find green paint to use for covering the  box. Although the garage floor ended up a lot greener than the box did.

She came up with the idea of a trap door that the leprechaun would fall through as he ran for the pile of “gold” (Rolos and those candy coins) at one end of the box. An idea– Girl 1 was kind enough to point out– that “totally copied” the one she did in first grade. She also helped by using the words “copy cat” and “little brat.”

Dad implemented Girl 3’s idea by cutting a whole in the top of the box. Which made it less of a secret “trap door” and more of a very noticeable hole. But he also covered the box in the green paper I really didn’t want to cut out and glue, so I’m not complaining. I did do all the glue gunning of the candy to the top of the box however.

Then Girl 3 decorated the box with pictures she drew of leprechauns and their houses. And also sugarplum fairies. There’s really only so much you can do with leprechauns before you’ve got to throw in some other holiday figures.

Girl 1’s helpfulness continued the next morning when she drew fangs on the fairy and the leprechauns and then decided to eat some of the “gold.” Which meant some frantic last minute re-glue gunning for me and then some more gluing for the teacher when Girl 3 didn’t even make it out of the car before all the candy came off.

Anywho, all that is just a long way for me to tell you how you can be entered five, yes FIVE, times into the contest.

Along with your comment, leave your guess as to which of these leprechaun traps is Girl 3’s


# 2

# 3

# 4

So you got that?
1) Leave a comment for one entry
2) Guess which box is Girl 3’s for four more entries (I’ll give you another hint: it’s not going on Pinterest).

BUT! That’s not all folks!

If you become a follower of my blog today I’ll enter your name one more time!
That’s a grand total of six entries for the low low price of guessing, typing, and clicking!

The contest runs from March 17 – 22, so don’t wait. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to win a fantastic book AND to read more exciting blog posts about other “fun” holiday homework assignments!

Enter Now!

36 thoughts on “This Is SOOOO Much Better Than A Leprechaun Trap

  1. Fairday Morrow says:

    What fun! I think it is #3. I would love to win. I think the book launch looks fabulous! GFC: Jess/Fairday Morrowemail: haightjess at gmail dot com My blog is participating in the hop, too. Swing on by to enter for a chance to win a gift card and 2 books. 🙂 ~Jess


  2. Melody says:

    I am way impressed with the twitterpated bird cookies you made! I already follow your blog, and I guess the trap that, if I were a leprechaun, I would fall for because it has the most chocolate…um, gold: #3. 🙂


  3. Karen Peterson says:

    I'm sorry I couldn't be there. One of these days I'll figure out how to be in two places at once because there are SO many times that talent would really come in handy.And I agree that the book was so much fun! As is being friends with Melanie. She's cool people.


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