And The Lucky Winner Is… (Not The Girls With The Hair)

Midnight marked the end of my Lucky Leprechaun Give Away. Which means I not only have a winner, but can also finally take down all my St. Patrick’s Day decorations.

Which basically means throwing Girl 3’s leprechaun in the outside trash so she doesn’t find it. Again. (I tried Friday, but she saw it and said we still needed it since St. Patrick’s Day wasn’t actually until Saturday).

If you’re dying to know which one was hers, I’ll tell you. Drumroll please…

Picture number 3! Only two people didn’t guess that one, which means they either didn’t read my post carefully or they’d already been celebrating St. Patrick (and his supernatural ability to drive snakes out of a snake-free country) in the traditional Irish manner of getting drunk at a parade. 

So good job folks! And, thank you all for participating. I wish I could afford to purchase Melanie’s book for each one of you, but alas, our leprechaun trap failed once again. Thus we remain pot-of-goldless and I can choose only one winner.

So let’s give a big shout out to…

Anne Marie!!!!
Who, as luck would have it, is a homie of mine, having also been born and raised in fabulous Burley, Idaho.
I know, I know. Not fair, right? She wins a fabulous book AND has the distinction of being a native Burleyite (Burleyian?). If only all of us had that kind of good fortune, there’d be no more need for leprechauns or traps with which to catch those sneaky bastards (pardon my Irish).
If I lived closer to my sister (i.e. back in Burley), who was a high school friend of Anne Marie’s,  I would round up embarrassing old pictures of our fair winner and post them. Although, I think big hair had gone out of style by the time she was in high school. So her old pics probably aren’t nearly as embarrassing as mine. 
Oh, who am I kidding.
Big hair never goes out of style in Idaho/Utah!

Case in point, a few pics I found on the intrenet when I typed in Utah hair:

The There-Wasn’t-Room-Under-My-Bed-So-I’m-Storing-My-72 Hour Emergency Kit-Under-My-Hair Look
The SpongeBarbie-SquareHead
The I-Carry-All-My-Pregnancy-Weight-In-My-Hair Look

Now, maybe you think I can’t be trusted since 1) I don’t live in Utah and 2) I didn’t actually take these pics, so they could be decades old.

And you’re right. I really can’t be trusted (did you see how I snuck that curse word in when you weren’t even expecting it?).

However, I spent a month last summer in Northern Utah and saw women sportin’ these same hair-do’s.

And I saw it again when I went back at Christmas.

And, I’m pretty sure I’ll see it again the next time I’m there.

It’s a thing. A Southern Idaho/Utah thing.

So keep it up girls! You’re beautiful even with the giant heads!

And congratulations Anne Marie! I’ve got your personalized and signed copy of Twitterpated ready to stick in the mail!

6 thoughts on “And The Lucky Winner Is… (Not The Girls With The Hair)

  1. Enjoy Birth says:

    Dang it! I get behind on blog reading because my son breaks his jaw. I miss the book party for that too and I don't win a book…. I guess I have to run to Melanie's right now and buy it. Literally, I am doing this right after I post publish!


  2. Melinda says:

    NOOOOO!!!! I so wanted that book dammit! (See how I snuck that in there too?)You're right, I totally believe you about the big hair, it was definitely something I witnessed a LOT when we lived in Utah, I think I knew some of those people…


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