Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda.

Pictures I should have taken on our seven hour drive to Vegas that usually takes four…

1. The decrepit water park in Newberry Springs. When it was built on the side of the trash strewn highway outside of the hellhole that is Barstow, California, hubby and I thought it was a stupid idea.

We were right.

It closed within a year.

And every time we drive past it now it looks more and more like something from a Scooby Doo episode. I would live for the gang to solve the mystery behind who the numbskull is that thought that was a good idea.

I can’t help but envy the optimism it took though.

2. The World’s Tallest Thermometer at the Big Boy in the pit stop (I really wanted to call it another kind of stop that rhymes with pit, but this is a family blog. As in, my 11 year old reads it) that is Baker, California. It used to be an interesting landmark that told us just how hot or cold it can get in the desert.

Now it’s The World’s Tallest Tower of Broken Lightbulbs and Dreams. And a preview of what the world will look like after the Zombie appocalypse.

3. The man on the side of the road standing next to his Delorean with the doors up. The. Doors. Up.

Because if you drive a Delorean, there is no other way to stand outside it than with the doors up.

I can only assume with all the upheaval in Libya, his plutonium delivery was delayed, thereby leaving him stranded by the side of the road.

5 thoughts on “Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda.

  1. Anne Marie says:

    I agree, that water park is creepy! What were they thinking? And was the guy with the Delorean my dad? Be honest. Because he has one. I don't think he's taken a road trip to California lately, but you never know about people with Deloreans.


  2. Jessica says:

    I love this post more than you possibly could know. I have driven that route 100's of times in my life starting at age 10, and every word is TRUE. And to see the Deloran? How awesome is that. I had such a crush on M.J.F. after that movie.


  3. Paula says:

    Ok, you made me laugh pretty hard for a few reasons. Number one, if you have done that drive as many times as I have, you appreciate all those sites so much more. I always want to stop at that water park and check it out. What is it's name again? oh yeah, Rock a Hoola (ok I just googled that), but I always see Rock a Hoada when I drive by. I don't know what that says about my eyes or maybe it is their choice in font. Anyway, I also love Back to the Future so any reference to that is sure to make me laugh and your friend. Maybe that is why I like you so much.


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