Diorama Time = New Shoes for Mommy

I planned on writing a spectacularly hilarious post today–or at least a moderately funny one–but my two weeks of child and house neglect have caught up with me.

Okay, make that three weeks.

All right, fine. It’s been a few years.

But I’m using this Memorial Weekend to make up for it. I am actually going to participate in the creation of the much procrastinated first grade leopard report + diorama, the third grade city report + float (shoe-box size, thank goodness), and the fifth grade state report + poster. There will also be some bathroom and bedroom cleaning going on because they all smell worse than outhouses and I miss my floor. Plus there’s some gardening to do too. I’m pretty sure I have some food plants amongst those weeds. At least I vaguely remember planting some.

But first there’s some shoe shopping to be done. Because we’re fresh out of shoe boxes and we’ve got those two dioramas that are due Tuesday morning bright and early. What other choice do I have? I mean, how else do you make a diorama? Everyone knows the basic ingredient is a shoe box. And stores don’t just give those things out willy-nilly without any shoes in them. So I’m willing to sacrifice for my children by purchasing new shoes for myself.

I know, right? I should definitely be named Mother-of-the-Year.

And Girl 3 has her diorama shopping list all ready, so this project should be super easy.

Before I run off to Nordstrom (okay, I’ll probably have to settle for Target since we’ve got to find a stupid plastic leopard anyway because I’m not going the clay route again like we did with Girl 2’s fennic fox) I’m going to help a sister out. A sister who came bearing a six pack of Diet Coke, a bag of limes, and a dozen bundtinis* in my darkest hour when I was too tired to think and just wanted to punch my computer in the face rather than do anymore manuscript fixing.

So for my awesome friend Carrie Maxfield–who sadly does not have a blog of her own–I am posting this link to a photography give away contest:

Amazing giveaway for photographers or anyone interested in photography.  All expenses paid, 2 day trip, to be mentored by Andee Tate of Crave Photography.  Plus lots of other free goodies from 10 other venders.  Go to her blog to check it out and enter.  Or, just check out her work to get inspired or motivated by her creative photos!  Go to http://cravemyphotography.com/blog/

I went to the blog and her pictures are pretty fantastic, so you may want to check it out yourself. In the meantime, I’ll be back next week with a post about another awesome friend, Sheridan, you remember her–she of the no bra–whose book was just published. And I think you’re gonna like it.

Now I’d better get on that whole shoe shopping thing. I’ve got a lot to do this weekend, so there’s no time to waste.

* If you don’t know what a bundtini is I feel sad for you because you must not have a Nothing Bundt Cakes in your neighborhood where you can buy delicous big bundt cakes, yummy littler bundt cakes (bundtlettes), and deliciously yummy baby bundt cakes (bundtinis)–because everything is more delicious when it’s baby sized. Except for actual children.

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