Summer Lovin’

So you know how I’ve been ranting about porn for women?


Well, I did it here AND here, just in case you missed it. But lest you think all I do is rant, I’m going to put my money where my mouth is and give away some non-porn for women.

That’s right, non-porn. And by that I mean a book that, for what it lacks in graphic sex, makes up for it with good writing, romance, and actual story-telling. Pretty novel (get it? Novel. It’s a play on words) idea, right?

So here’s the book and the blurb:

A Ghost of a Second Chance (Rose Arbor series)

An eastern wind carries more than dust and ashes; it uproots secrets and everyone knows that once one secret is told, no secret is safe. Laine’s haunting secrets–the estrangement from her husband—the unknown body laying in her grandfather’s coffin—the sudden and strange appearance of a difficult ghost—take her to the tiny town of Rose Arbor, her grandfather’s hometown and the place of her grandmother’s death.

As Laine unravels the mystery of her grandparents’ marriage she is forced to face one more question of the heart—Can love live even after it has died?

Sounds pretty good, right? I can verify that it is since I’ve already read it. And it’s only the first in a series written by Kristy Tate set in the little town of Rose Arbor, Washington which is chock full of all kinds of interesting characters.

So, you want to read it? Well all you have to do is comment below to be entered into the drawing I’m having as part of the Summer Lovin’ Giveaway Hop I’m part of starting July 11 and ending on July 17. If your name is chosen I will send you a signed copy of Kristy’s book.

But if you don’t win, you can go here to order Kristy’s book on Kindle for only $3.99.

As an added bonus I’ve included a list of all the other blogs participating in the blog hop where you can go to find–and maybe win–more non-porn. It’s a win-win for everyone! So get to commenting and hopping and ignore all the porn for women hype!

28 thoughts on “Summer Lovin’

  1. Christine Jensen says:

    Thanks for the chance to win. This book sounds great. I too struggle with finding porn free books..LOL…I have found my self quickly turning multiple pages when books have gotten steamier than I expected..or downright quit reading them.kissyjensen at gmail dot com


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