Because I’m THAT Mom Now…

I am not a home schooling mom.

I mean, aside from the fact I have a child currently attending school at home, I am not a home school mom.

Because you know who they are, right?

Those moms who are too afraid of what their children will/won’t learn if they send them to public school. Those moms who think their children are so special no one could possibly know how to teach them better than their own mothers. Those moms who are always, ALWAYS with their kids because that’s who they are. They’re moms.

You know who their kids are too, right?

Those kids who try to horn in on adult conversations. Those kids who don’t know how to raise their hands when they’re in a regular educational setting. Those kids who are just a little off because they live in a bubble where they don’t get teased or pushed or ignored by anyone other than their own siblings. Those kids who are always, ALWAYS called weird because that’s what they are. They’re weird.

We all have those stereotypes, right?

But guess what. If you’re a mom with a kid, each of you has a little of that home school thing in you. So be careful how harshly you judge because it just might be you some day. And I know what you’re thinking. I used to think “never” too.

Maybe this will help change your mind though. Here’s what we did for Girl 1’s first day of home school:

Because, you know, we’ve got to get those P.E. hours in.

Plus, after crying for three days straight*  because every step I took left me on unsteady, unfamiliar ground, I got a rejection letter from my perspective publisher,** followed by some other bad news.*** At that point I couldn’t even cry anymore. There was only one thing left to do:

I needed some time with my village.

So there was no way I was missing Bethany’s Boogie Boarding Birthday Bash. Did it matter if it fell on the first official day of The Great Home Schooling Experiment? No, because I’m a problem solver. Home school books haven’t arrived yet? P.E. hours and therapy needed? Take G1 along and Boom! Problem solved.

You know what other problem’s been solved?

I found the smile that’s been missing from G1’s face for a while.

* Cross not a crier off my Who Am I? list, along with not a home school mom.
** That’s right, I’m just going to slip that in there like it’s no biggie. Because, at this point, it’s not, but in lieu of flowers feel free to donate to Brittany’s Retail Therapy Fund. Nordstrom gift cards will be accepted.
** Too personal to share, but nothing to worry about. Unless you’re me of course.

9 thoughts on “Because I’m THAT Mom Now…

  1. Rebecca Belliston says:

    I had so many opinions on parenting until I became a parent. Even on my first kid, and second, I thought I knew it all and had it down. Somewhere around child three or four, they taught me otherwise. Now the only thing I know for certain is my mother's instinct has yet to lead me astray. Sounds like yours has worked well for you and your daughter. Enjoy!


  2. Melinda says:

    I totally know the stereotype, and I wouldn't homeschool not for those reasons, but because I would be HORRIBLE at it!! hahaha My kids don't listen to me now, how could I get them to sit still and actually teach them!? 🙂 I think you're great for doing what you think is best, even if its hard. And I'm sorry about your double bad news, life can be so hard sometimes.


  3. Becca says:

    Hi. I'm glad the schooling is rolling along. And I'm sorry about the publication thing. And I'm sorry about the other thing, even though I don't know how sorry I should be…But mostly I'm glad you're still here. Because I like you here.


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