After living in California for the past nineteen years, I’ve spent more time living outside of Idaho than I spent living in it, but I still consider myself an Idaho girl. Sadly, there’s no way I’d survive the cold anymore, and I’d miss the beach too much to ever move back to my hometown. California traffic, though? That I could do without.

Other than spending time with my family, the things I love to do most are read, write, and teach. I work as a substitute teacher in a couple of the districts near my home and really enjoy being back in the classroom after a nearly twenty year hiatus. I love impressing students with stories of famous authors I’ve met and with my other claim to fame; my grandfather invented the tater tot. My daughters can’t wait for me to sub their English classes, but I haven’t had the chance yet.*

My favorite place in the world, other than the beach, is London, England where I met my husband twenty-four years ago on a study abroad trip. No, he’s not English, but I like to pretend he’s my own Mr. Darcy transplanted all the way from Pemberly to Orange County, California. It was that study abroad trip that not only cemented my love for him, but also my love for Jane Austen.

I’ve published three Contemporary Romances–all Jane Austen retellings–with Covenant Communications, Pride & Politics (2016), Sense & Second Chances (2017), and The Matchmaker’s Match (2018).

* My daughters have begged me to never, never, ever sub in their classes. So, of course, as soon as the opportunity arises I WILL be taking it.

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